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Total Environment is an architect-led real estate design and development firm, with projects that range from residential apartments to corporate campuses.

Our vision is to provide an unsurpassed living experience through the creation of sensitively designed spaces.

We build completely furnished and individually customized spaces with a focus on good design and sensitive detailing.

Our design philosophy is about creating physical environments that are in harmony with their surroundings. Our distinctiveness lies in strong attention to detail, and contemporary design that makes living a joyous experience.

We have successfully addressed the real-estate requirements of the new, global citizen.

Our strength is the ability to understand and meet their needs through innovative concepts, transparency and personalized service.

We combine our expertise with cutting edge technology and an out of the box Approach to make living More comfortable, productive and joyous.

Our customers have found in us a partner who in a complete departure from the traditionally negative industry perception, seeks to make the whole experience as warm and personal as the homes we deliver.
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