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The Quest for a home, the dream treasured in one’s mind is in all respect man’s ultimate goal. A space of his very own, to share his joys as well as sorrows, build his dreams and rejoice in his achievements. A space for his children to grow and nurture their dreams and in the process cherish that special feeling of bonding. Lending a helping hand in transforming this dream to reality is SLV Builders & Developers.

SLV (Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara) Builders & Developers in the Field of construction for the past 6 years a Company registered under Companies Act, 1956 was incorporated in May 2012.

The company is incorporated with the main objects of construction of apartments, & residential housing projects in response to the growing need for quality housing and commercial space in the metropolitan city of Bangalore.

Since then the Group has grown to be one of the leading Real Estate Developers of the country, serving the needs of the discerning clientele.
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