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Sipani group is well known for its pioneering work in the car industry in India during the 1980s. When the Indian consumers had a choice of just 2 cars, both using the technology of 1950s, it was the first company to take the bold step of bringing in contemporary automobile technology to the Indian consumers. With its car, the SIPNI DOLPHIN in 1981 Sipani pioneered an initiative long before the arrival of multinational companies on the scene. It was only after this bold move that other companies started bringing in new technology one after the other and the car market in India underwent a total revolution and transformed into what it is today.

In 2004 the group started building commercial buildings. In 2009 it started construction of Sipani Grande, its first residential apartment project. SIPANI GRANDE now has earned the distinction of being considered to be the best apartment building in Koramangala.

All residential projects of Sipani group are now handled by Sipani Properties (P) Limited. It focuses on making exclusive homes, which requires an approach quite different to that of making mass market apartments. A great deal of attention is paid to the design aspects bearing in mind the requirement of the discerning customers, whose tastes are quite different from the maddening crowd.
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