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At Navami, it has always been our tradition to treat each of our projects as a jewel. Each of our building has always been precious and special. Navami Builders is a reliable name to reckon with, in the real estate scene in Bengaluru. Navami Builders has delivered 24 exclusive apartment building, 6 commercial complexes and about 30 residential houses. At Navami Builders, we have far exceeded the ever rising bar of customer expectation and have always believed that our biggest competition is ourselves. This belief has led us to surpass each of our achievements in every subsequent project.
All this has been possible with a full-fledged professionally managed company, with a track record of our 2 decades, the total area build over this period far exceeding 10,00,000 sq.ft. This quantum of building activity speaks volumes about our strong influential existence. It has been possible due to full and complete faith and trust reposed by our valued customers.
Our diverse construction activities of various sizes and magnitude include
Residential buildings
Commercial complexes
Our day in and day out brisk construction and building activities are made possible owing to our
Full work force, adequate man power
Structured planned and systematic approach
Fully coordinated strategy and time schedule
High quality and standard materials
Board of qualified engineers and architects
Panel of legal advisors and chartered accountants
Entire range of machineries and equipments
All these and more, enable us to have and maintain features and characteristics that form hallmark of our company.
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