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With a view to create 'habitats of excellence', Mr. K. Anil Kumar Reddy initiated Keerthi Estates in 1990. What followed was the zeal to build perfect residential homes, replete with contemporary amenities and comforts. Bearing this aphorism, Keerthi Estates has numerous completed projects under its belt like Keerthi Royale, Keerthi Harmony in Bangalore and Keerthi Pride Towers in Hyderabad. Naturally, even its on-going projects follow the same maxim of providing top-notch living-spaces. Its on-going projects include Keerthi Royal Palms, Keerthi Chalet and Keerthi Gardenia in Bangalore, as well as Richmond Villas in Hyderabad.

From High-End luxury homes to modest residences , we provide a holistic approach to help you choose a home that fits your needs. We believe in the right to justify a comfortable, luxurious home that you can come back to and spend important moments with your family within a secure environment. Our efforts are to primarily re-create this luxury, provide comfort and support families.
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