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Bangalore: Ongoing Property announced today the Beta release of ONGOINGPROPERTY.COM a revolutionary new web-based Property Portal.

Bangalore, India -- January 21, 2014 – Find the property of your own choice, in easy steps, and book your dream home with our experts. offer best real estate services at across the Bangalore. After numerous years of challenges, the real estate market came back to life last year. It is expected that the rebound will progress in 2014 year, but the movement will be very slow.
A lot of experts say that 2014 is a year for stabilization and continued growth favouring the housing market with the lessening number of foreclosures, increasing prices or homes and more activity seen in homeowners. But then, real estate still need to deal with headwinds since inventory is tight and the fact that lending standards remain tough.

What about the luxury home market? Well, price gains are not that much of a bad news for those who wish to buy. However, first time buyers may lose hope though increasing prices may satisfy current owners whom are waiting for their homes to accumulate more value.

In the past years, first time home buyers serve as the driving force. But this year, the reverse is expected as the prices of houses rises and less mortgages becomes underwater. The degree of bounce the housing market is expected in 2014 also relies on construction. Builders are financially careful and deal with similar tight lending settings as buyers do. So, this year, it is expected that there will be a small increase in new homes out in there in the market. But then, if buyer demand hikes up, building of new homes should also follow.

We are independent real estate advisor and introducing the portal for Bangalore city and will upgrade for other cities also later. We possess vast experience and knowledge of real estate in Bangalore, India, and aspire to be your first port of call if you want to buy a residential property in Bangalore. Led by a group of dynamic and visionary investors, Ongoing aims to utilize its vast knowledge of the real estate sector to help those looking to buy property in Bangalore.

Our mission is:

"To help Indian families buy their dream home."

Headquartered in Bangalore, OngoingProperty has been founded by alumni of Harvard Business School, IIT and ISB who possess decades of combined experience in real estate in India as well as abroad.

OngoingProperty has a team of real estate experts spread across 8 cities in India, namely Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad. Each of our staff is well trained across various aspects of buying residential property, we assist you right from narrowing down the various options to selecting the ideal property for you and completing the final paperwork related to the transaction. Rest assured, that our assistance is completely transparent.

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Look up Properties Investing in the Best real estate has always been an expensive decision. It not only requires lots of finances but also hard work, patience and knowledge. If you are planning to increase your finances by investing in real estate properties then buying a rental property could be the best option for you. Like other types of real estate investments, it is difficult for you know whether you have made a sound investment or not. Below, we have summed up a few pointers to be borne in mind before you buy a rental property.

Those were some essential pointers to be borne in mind, before you make your mind to invest in rental properties. You need to do lots of homework and educate yourself with the nuances of buying. However, if you are a first time buyer, you may also seek help from the experienced real estate agent.

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Regional investing: Tips to maintain a strategic distance from a bust

Becoming tied up with regional towns can convey solid returns for property gurus, however it’s essential to search for an area with various investment, social and cultural drivers.

There's more than enough war stories about individuals who purchased properties in cutting-edge locales, just to find those ventures take a negative turn when the sole business in the region experienced an attempting time, or a huge foundation venture they bet on failed to show.

While mining, tourism, farming and different drivers may handle fortunate benefits, they can turn the screw rapidly assuming that they drop out of favour, or uncontrollable issues at hand (like drought) make a town less attractive.

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It's important to apply the same investigation to regional investment as you might whatever available, yet think seriously about these additional factors:

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